Our Mission

The Metropolitan Music Community (MMC) provides adult instrumentalists the opportunity to make music in a friendly setting and share it with the public. We strive to give everyone a place to play at their level of experience. We foster awareness of instrumental music and promote the art of symphonic wind ensembles in particular.

Current MMC ensembles include the Brooklyn Wind Symphony, the Grand Street Community Band, and the Kings County Concert Band

MMC 2018-19
Board of Directors

Kimberly Roof
Interim MMC President

Jasmine Britt
Artistic Director
Founding MMC President

Jeff W. Ball
Vice President of Development
Founder of MMC

Rickin Mathew
MMC Secretary

Chris Piro
MMC Board Member at Large

David Smith
MMC President Emeritus
Advisor to the Board

MMC 2018-19

Jeff W. Ball
Artistic Director of the Brooklyn Wind Symphony

Kimberly Roof
Assistant Director of the Brooklyn Wind Symphony

Laurel Stinson
Interim Artistic Director of the Grand Street Community Band

Jasmine Britt
Artistic Director of the Kings County Concert Band

Ally Chapel
Design Director

Ryan Gochee
Technology Director

Kate Kerbel
Design Director

John Lynd
Production Director

Rickin Mathew
Personnel Director

Alan Perkins

Chris Piro
Head of Operations

Andrew Schwartz
Financial Manager

Dan Schwartz
Marketing Director